Club competitions (Detailed)

Full details of regular Competitions and others that may be held.

Club competitions are open to fully paid up members of the Club, and the club's rules are available on this site. You will be invited to enter the various competitions we offer.

Trophies are awarded at the Awards Night, to the winners of each competition and a cup is also awarded for a cumulative score.

We are not only competitive as individuals but as a club as well and we enter local and county exhibitions and competition 'battles'.

For 2018/19 Season Five Open, Mono and Creative PDI and Five Print Competitions will be held. The points awarded for each competition are added up to produce a winner at the end of the season.

In addition to the monthly competitions others competitions MAY include:

Photographer of the Year  5 PDI images to agreed subjects.  Each seperate subject judged and awarded points and the cumulative score finds the Photographer of the Year. Season 2018/19


Member's Presentation with Commentary PDI 

Up to 15 images may be entered, per member, all on the same subject. At the time of projection members give a 'live' commentary on their chosen theme. The maximum time allowed is 12 minutes for each sequence. Judged by the membership. The winner is awarded the Len Charles Cup.

Landscape Competition Prints (Suspended)

Each member may enter up to 3 prints, black and white or colour, but they MUST be landscape pictures only.

We define landscape as being a country scene of fields, mountains with a lake etc. but not seascape or townscapes.

This competition is judged by a Kent County accredited judge - no marks are given, just an overall winner who will receive the trophy, the St Aubyn Cup.

Anyscape Competition Prints & PDI  2018/2019  

Each member may enter 1 PDI in Anyscape, black and white or colour, and the definition is:

Anyscape is a "Scape" of any broad view that dominates the subject of any picture type.

This competition is judged by a Kent County accredited judge - no marks are given, just an overall winner who will receive a trophy yet to be decided.

PDI AND Print Portrait Competitions 

One entry allowed per catagory.

Portrait Prints   

Members are asked to submit, annually,your best Print Portrait image. The overall winner will be awarded the "Portrait Cup"and merit awards may be given at the discretion of the judge.

Portraits  PDI        

Members are asked to submit, annually, 1 Digital Portrait Image.  The overall winner will be awarded a Cup and merit awards may be given at the discretion of the judge.

Themed Subject PDI

PDI 2 Theme Architecture

PDI4  Night Time

Themed Competition for the Peter Heritage Cup  Two cups, the Peter and Mollie Heritage Cups are awarded in this competition.

Annual PDI Competition

Members are asked to submit images from their previous seasons work,(number to be announced) which are made into an audio visual sequence (set to music).

Again an overall winner will be decided by an accredited judge and will receive the trophy The Reg Walker Cup, as the best digital image of the season.

President's Cup Prints

 This is awarded to the photographer of best print of the season - usually judged at the annual exhibition by an accredited judge.

Panel Competition      Prints & PDI's

A panel of images consisting of a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 prints.

  • The Print panel may be any subject of your choice but should link together in a cohesive way and be visually balanced.
  • The sequence in which you would like your panel to be displayed should be clearly marked on the reverse of each print.
  • Members may enter a maximum of two panels each.
  • Each Print panel should be titled and marked Panel 1 and/or Panel 2 In the event of an exceptionally high number of panels being entered, the committee reserve the right to remove Panel Number 2 from the competition.
  • For season 2018/2019 The PDI will take the form a single image in Tryptich format.
  • A combination of PDI Tryptich and Print Panels may be entered up to two per entrant. Judged by an external qualified judge

Audio Visual Competition  PDI Projection

An open competition in audio visual, duration up to 10 mins, any subject, with or without commentary, will be judged by an external judge experienced in Audio Visual.

The winner will be awarded the Nigel Winter Cup. Suspended.

Experimental PDI        

Members are asked to submit images in this discipline to accumulate points from the five competitions held during the season, the member gaining the most points is awarded the "Creative Image Trophy".

Experimental images tend towards make believe, abstract, falseness, fantasy, and imagination. 

Folkestone Salon  PDI        tends towards reality and experimental tends towards (make believe, abstract, falseness, fantasy, imagination 

Quirky, imaginative, artistic images. May be judged by an Artist rather than external judge.

You may enter up to 3 images. Suspended 2013


Images to be taken on a mobile device and any processing done using apps within the phone. Upload as PDI in normal way.