Points and Scoring

The points system enables you to compete with members at a similar skill level to your own, from League D for the less experienced photographers to League A at the top. Judges decisions on 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, plus Highly Commended (HC) and Commended (C) are changed into points for the League scoring system. At the end of the year you can move up, down, or remain in your current league depending on the points accumulated.

The four Leagues, Projected Digital Image (PDI), Mono PDI (Mono), Creative/Experimental (Creative) and Open Print (OP) each have four rounds. You may enter one image per round. Your four best scores from the whole season are added up to make your final score.

It is not permissible, to enter the same photograph as a Print, a Mono PDI  and as a PDI. The reason is because this can be very repetitive for the audience. It would be very helpful in this respect if you entered as much new work as possible every round. Judges are appointed from other clubs throughout the County and we do our utmost to get the very best people we can. Judging is, however, an art not a science and it represents only that judge's personal opinion. You may not agree with that opinion, but that's ok!