Be Sociable at the Coastguard

Mon 3 Jun 2019 10:00am

We are planning a sociable event at the Coastguard St Margaret's Bay on Monday 3rd June 10 am to ? 

Meet for coffee at the Coastguard at 10, then the idea is to do some photography round and about the Pub , the cliffs and the shore.  John will be on hand to pass on his knowledge of using filters for long exposure photography, smoothing the sea and sky. Pines Gardens is also close for some flowers and garden photography. We will then break for lunch together. A main course around £12/£14 and two courses either a starter or a sweet around £20/ £25 plus drinks depending what you choose. We will have the upstairs room to ourselves maximum 16 people.

I now need to know if there is interest in pursuing this idea, sorry to the workers, organising this on a weekday, next idea will be an evening!

 Please complete the choices now, as will need to organise the food asap,

Many thanks, Melanie

Bay Hill
St Margaret’s Bay
CT15 6DY


Would have liked to come but going to Shropshire that day hope to see you all at another event 

Sorry guys - Monday is Collage Day.  Enjoy

A good time was had by all at St Margaret's at Cliffe.  We were all having a go at Long Exposure.  One always learns something on these workshops and am absolutely certain we all did today.  My discovery was that my sensor is very mucky.  I was shooting at f22 and am living to regret it when processing my images!  I might only do one or two!

But it was good to get to grips with a 10 stop, great to practise the technique with friends, and the food was good too.

I am trying to think of some funny titles for the images of Eric.

The trouble with f22 is you always end up cleaning your sensor afterwards!

Submitted by eric-young on Mon 3 Jun 2019 11:50pm

The cleaning kit is on order! When you research it, there is much trepidation about doing it the first time, but dust is a real problem with mirrorless.  One vid I watched from a pro spoke of him cleaning his daily! You would not believe the amount of bits on mine, let’s hope the cleanup is a success.