'Textures, Backgrounds and Brushes'

Mon 24 Feb 2020 7:30pm

Wendy Kennett from Canterbury, will be bringing us 'Textures, Backgrounds and Brushes'

Sue Dixon will be showing her LRPS Panel and also demonstrating her Irene Froy Technique

St George's Church
Audley Road
CT20 3QA


i would like to talk and show images for the night please.


Nick this is a outside speaker event. Apart from Sue, who is showing her panel, this is not an event for club members to show images as such. Sorry. Speak to me next Monday please and we can discuss next showing of club images. Thanks

Sorry I'm going to miss this, because I will be in Singapore.  Sounds like I will be missing a lot of very interesting information, including that on the KCPA competition, but I will see you all next week.