The Insignificance Of Man

Open PDI Round 4


I like the softness of this one Avril with the use of complementary colours in an image with essentially just two colours. I also like the detail in the clouds. I just wonder what the image would look like if you shifted the man a third of the way in to the left (perhaps even 40%) so that the "S" shape leads you naturally to him. I think given his diminutive size he will still appear insignificant in comparison to the broader landscape, however I do appreciate that, by having him in the postion he is, he does become so insignificant that you almost do not notice him! I am not sure about this last suggestion as I can see the merits of both approaches - The first with regards to the composition, the second with regards to te title. I think, by choosing the latter, you have been very bold. 

Submitted by eric-young on Tue 4 Feb 2020 10:13am