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Image by Ashley Judd


Freddy Krueger's back. The curved line of splodges reminds me of a butterfly's wing, which makes a strong visual juxtaposition with the harder lines radiating from the centre; they have a subtly mechanical look to my eye. The central motif and monochrome red combine to give a wonderfully ominous feel. I could imagine this as a film poster.

Ominous is a great description. I like this a lot. I think you're right; I want to see some writing superimposed on the saying "The Devil's Garden with Bryan Mewse"! After that all we need is a story to go with the image.

Submitted by john-gough on Sun 10 May 2020 9:58am

The red eyes are spooky!

Submitted by eric-young on Sun 10 May 2020 10:12am

Thanks guys - it’s just two images merged using red light. Firstly cutglass base upturned, second a fork with it’s shadows the 4 red eyes just the light reflecting on the end of prongs. 

I think this image works best from a distance where one can readily distinguish the fork but gets a little more confused for me when viewed closely. But good imagination and keep experimenting and trying new ideas, concepts and materials.  It's good to keep challenging oneself.  The same comments about panel etc as made in previous post.