Tulips in Blue

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Image by Nick Blundell


This is a picture taken in my front garden and i have tried to take the picture so it looks similar to an artists painting. Although a straight photo. It has been done in the way as to give it a slightly arty animated look.
You can also find this photo along with another version on my Gallery now.


Nice try, i think this could be a Monet with some work!

The judges maxim that red catches your eye is illustrated here. So much so, that I find the red tulips a bit overpowering. Try desaturating a little. 

It may sound a bit contradictory, but I think your camera is too good! The sharpness of the image is so good, that it doesn't look like a painting. If you have photoshop I would try to soften the image a bit using some blur and there are some amazing filters. If not just desaturate a bit and soften. This can be done in Lightroom. I much prefer this version in your gallery as the blue colour complements the red.

Submitted by john-gough on Sun 10 May 2020 9:50am

Thank you, John. Is this a bit better and anything like you advised.

I think you have made a good attempt Nick and are trying different things which is good.  We have to keep trying new things and learn from the whole process. In my opinion I think the composition doesn't quite work for me, I like the left hand side but find the whole composition as shown lacks any in interest in the middle.  I can see you were trying to convey the vibran of the red tulips but I find the treatment given a little harsh and over sharp.  But keep experimenting Nick we all have all the time in the world the try and try again and digital is cheap.

Sorry John. I had a go at doing what you said about the tulips and had put up another image less saturated and sharp for a while on the website. But i prefer it as it was and have changed it back to how it was originally. The advice was good and made sense. It is just personal taste at the end of the day. Even with correct advise.