The shard taken from a different perspective. From inside.

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Image by Nick Blundell


Shard taken from the inside, rather than the outside. Still shows a perspective of scale.

I really like this Nick, it has a science fiction feel to it.  I love the colours and the different shapes/patterns/grids.  There are a couple of bright spots down near the bottom which are distracting me a bit, you might want to tone those down a bit or remove them.  Also maybe reduce the opacity of the vignette??  Or are you using it to cover something up (I do that sometimes!). I love it in the green tones, but this could also look great as a mono image - something else to try.  Its a very striking image.

I agree with a lot of what Avril has suggested.  It's often a good idea to make a duplicate image of the original and try different things, mono, up the contrast and such like. It is a different view well done for trying an unusual viewpoint.

Sorry these comments are so belated, Nick. I like your different take on the Shard; it's certainly the first time I've ever seen this angle. I like the silhouettes of the foreground structure and the naturally faded look of the tower. There's both a subtle strength and an air of mystery. I think it would benefit from straightening the slightly angled horizontals and I find the vignette rather heavy, though. Also, have you considered a colour shift, perhaps towards the blue? We tend to associate those greens with ill health.