At Kearsney Abbey

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Just dipping my toe into the amazing world of infrared photography. Using a 72nm Hoya filter with Nikon Z6. Apparently it's all about getting a good white balance to start with.  I believe a steep learning curve is coming my way!

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Image by Sue Dixon


I think you have captured a lovely mix of dark and light.  I love the dappled light on the trees.  I can feel the wind gently blowing through the leaves, there is lots of interest to explore in your image.  Looking forward to seeing more of your new project.  What a fabulous start.

I've never been a fan of IR, but this might make me change my mind. I like the way you have made the chair dark thereby giving the image some contrast. The little I've read is that is one of the main difficulties: getting enough contrast. The same article talked about swapping the red and blue channels over. Sounds like you're right Sue, a steep learning curve!

Submitted by john-gough on Mon 20 Jul 2020 8:44pm

Very pleasing image, would like to see it closeup as a print.  Great to have a new project and something different to experiment with.