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Image by Richard Gabriel


I quite like the effect you have achieved quite wacky. I think I would try a crop to lose the grass area its a little too bright for my eye.

A very apt and 'radiant' picture, giving its location. Although not my kind of image, I quite like it. I fully agree with Melanie - is there any need for the grass as it draws the eye and distracts from the picture? Even the UFO dust spot in the left quandrant of the picture adds to the surrealism. I assume that this is a composite image, (?) and if so, does compliment the image.

Submitted by ian-stone on Fri 13 Nov 2020 10:55am

The sky does not look so good. Perhaps a bit more cloudy, may be more appropriate and the grass is too saturated, unnatural looking. Gives the picture an unnatural look. Seen other photos done of the same scene that tend to allow the weather elements in more, being more atmospheric with less saturation.


How has Nick posted as Melanie ?  Weird, must check that out.

You need to crop to halfway up the water and clone out the cable that goes across the lefthand part of the sky and the square that belongs to it,  It would then be a very interesting photo.

Submitted by fay-meek on Fri 13 Nov 2020 3:47pm

Just testing!

Richard is this a saturated slide effect from Photoshop Elements or something similar? If it is the colourways are intentional. It's an effect many people might not like but it's intended.