The Sunken boat

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Image by Nick Blundell


The use of a misty white Vignette again to emphasis the dreamy quality the landscape can give you.

Good morning Nick,

Could you crop the sky down to just above the mast of the boat,  and also clone out all the dust spots.

This is a very nice area for photography, when Covid restrictions are lifted, try going again with a tripod and try long exposure.

Done what you suggested Marie Laure. Hope this has made it a bit better for you.
Hope your both well and Covid free. Well done Ian with your Hippo picture.

Nice! (Where is it?) Long exposure is a good idea.

Submitted by emma-brown on Tue 2 Feb 2021 5:02pm

Hi Emma, It is Riverside Country Park, Rainham, Gillingham. Type that into computer search and find out info. Great for landscapes, birds and walks. But very cold and muddy at the moment. It is open still to use and go to.

Thanks Nick. I will definitely put it on my list of photogenic spots to visit when we can get out more!

Submitted by emma-brown on Sun 7 Feb 2021 6:55pm

I really love your composition Nick, the softness works well as do the muted tones.  You've positioned the 3 boats really well and there are layers of interest.  If it was mine I would feather the white vignette to make it more subtle.  At the moment I can seen the edge of it which is a little distracting from the image.  I agree with Marie Laure about a crop, but I would first try just taking it down just a tad, because I think the space in the sky and the water adds a sense of tranquility to the image.  Deginitely a place to go back to, you've made a beautiful image.