Grass Track Racing at Swingfield Near Folkestone

Sun 12 Sep 2021 1:00pm

Some club members are going to this event, if anyone is interested in coming and trying to get some shots?  See you there perhaps?


Health and safety is paramount at these events with at least 2 lines/ plastic fences away from the track to protect the spectators. If you are relatively small in height, take a small folding stool to give you that extra height. The weather is meant to be good but this will mean a lot of dust - so protect your lens / camera from this hazard. I will be taking my 100-400 zoom lens, aiming specifically at the corners where the sidecars and bikes will be creating the most dust and great compositions. If you have a monopod it will be better than a tripod as there will be many spectators. Make sure you are an OAP - you will get in at a cheaper rate! (£15 instead of £18). See you there at the burger van. Ian

Submitted by ian-stone on Sat 11 Sep 2021 5:39pm