Alice Through The Looking Glass


Bryan my quick research tells me very little about your picture unless those are flying chickens??? Can you expain your symbolism please. Thank you.

No great symbolism here I'm afraid. Inspired by Magritte, I had taken the image of the glass mirror in a cafe in Sangate (Loaf) and subsequently came up with the title. Therefore I did a rough sketch of Alice Cooper using Procreate, placed him into the mirror which I then pasted onto the sky image. It still lacked a little something, but as my image library sadly lacked flying chickens I thought the cormorant would have to do.

Submitted by alan-gould on Sun 21 Nov 2021 11:15am

Alan apology I took one look at this image and thought Bryan - he being FCCs heavy metal and rock expert. I should have looked at the name underneath the image!!!!

No problem Simon. For some inexplicable reason a guy at work used to keep calling me Bryan, so I'm used to it. I have of course been called a lot worse over the years.

Submitted by alan-gould on Sun 21 Nov 2021 4:39pm