Dancing with Bananas


The patterns the bananas make in this image is mesmerising Simon,  I think you must have spent a lot of time constructing this and it is really eye catching especially when viewed as a large image - I expect it would have looked better on the big screen - oh I'm craving face to face meet ups.  I would have preferred a red dress though (with a judge hat on ha ha).

Yes I long for both print and onscreen competitions. Watching tv/monitor screens, according to research, can somehow stifle thinking - just another tv programme/mail etc - which is a shame as my "dead goats" picture was perhaps intended as a metaphor for C19 - random arrows can hit anyone etc. I think this concept - or the concept of some form of tragic event - it says POLICE on the side of the helicopter flying overhead - was perhaps not even thought about by the judge! But, full marks to Graham Snowden who thought about White House Farm.

To paraphrase Mashall McLuhan "The Medium is the Message" ...... I long for the day when we can get back to an environment whereby pictures are given a little more room  and time to 'breathe' and tell their stories.