Photographer of the year - STILL LIFE


This was my favourite image of the evening!

Submitted by eric-young on Tue 16 Apr 2019 12:55am

Oh thank you Eric ! It’s my friend Simon’s prayer chair and taken at a photoshoot, before the model Kneeled down.

i am inspired by the themed projects, enjoy working on them and try and think outside the box. I work hard on making my images a bit different and they can catch the judge’s eye.  But really wish someone else had got the top place This time.

I agree the themed projects do make for a better variety if images. I liked this one also, I notice on my screen it is much darker than the projected one last night which in this case enhanced it. At least one of mine was and a couple of Andy's were much brighter when projected Oh Hum that's life. Robin chose and scored on the images he could see....well done Melanie.

Submitted by tom-lloyd on Tue 16 Apr 2019 9:11am

Yes they were brighter than I had intended.  We must work on the projection further and think it needed adjusting for the lighter evenings.  However the Colour Munki is missing!  I still have to search at home, Michael said he has looked but I know he hasn’t looked properly!!!!! But does anyone have it at home?  We can’t recall who borrowed it last.  Again we need a system and a book to follow up when we can’t find it.

A little group of discerning members might like to help Michael and Richard to agree a set of profiles for next season’s projection. It is quite a responsibility to get it  right and one that does illicit lots of complaints. We could also try to sort the chromatic aberration and the missing key line at the base.  One person tells me they don’t enter at FCC because our projection is rubbish! So a combined effort would spread the responsibility and people with a keener eye  and knowledge could offer advise, which could make for more harmony.

Who wants to be on the working party, the P Team?

Not a complaint Melanie, just an observation. I doubt we will ever get the calibration correct for all members. We have so many differing monitors at home, most will not be calibrated, even for their own cameras & printers. I attempt to end up with a PDI file that will suit the club projector, I haven't enterd this season so didn't get it right on this occasion......not to worry. PDIs are not the ideal way to view our work.

Submitted by tom-lloyd on Tue 16 Apr 2019 10:15am

No not taken as a complaint but it could have been better that’s Night I think.

This was one of my favourites too Melanie - I find I am drawn to really dark, or really light images.  I too prefer it darker like this.  A fabulous set and very well dserved win, it just proves that we all need to put more thought And time into POTY.  I like having a project to work on - maybe we should do more of our competitions like this????  Very many congratulations.