Nobility of Italy

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I love this work simon and think it deserved a 20.  I think the judge did struggle with the title, so may I suggest you make your title a little more descriptive.  I must admit to not knowing much about italian nobility, but did a bit of research this morning.  When I put in Italian Nobility it did not immediately point me to the subject of your artwork.  However when I entered mistresses and italian nobility I was able to get the point of the story you are telling.  You know I like long titles (lol). So here is a more descriptive one for your work "Rennaissace Italy and the courtly culture of Emilia-Romagna".  You put so much work into researching your art that I think its a shame when the judge doesn't understand it - but he can't see in your head!! - That maybe a good thing ha ha!!

“Titles do not give a just idea of things; were it otherwise, the work would be superfluous.” Gustave Corbet

“I’ll play it first and tell you what it is later.” Miles Davis

“Only connect.” E. M. Forster

"Titles don't really matter" Alex Hare

I like these quotes - we should ge the judges to read them before each competition!!  Or here is an idea, let us have a competition without titles next year in the themes 'No titles allowed-a picture paints a thousand words'?

Avril we are having one this year! The Boulstone Challenge. All entries have to be submitted with just a numbered reference. Re above the last quote was a judge!!! 

Thats a good for starters Simon but maybe we should continue this.  The last quote was The Judge!!