100 Years

Date Published 
Thu 2 Mar 2017

IWM will be 100 years old on Sunday and is preparing for an exceptional week. For those interested in the story, here it is. On 5 March 1917 (as German forces were retreating to the Hindenburg Line), the British War Cabinet authorised the establishment of a national museum to record, study and commemorate all aspects (military, social, technological, cultural and political) of the First World War. Collecting teams were established, some of which were based at GHQs in the major theatres of operation. In November 1917, it was renamed the Imperial War Museum after dominion governments requested the museum's remit be broadened to reflect the Empire’s contribution. In 1920, the museum was formally established by Act of Parliament and opened its doors to the public in its first, temporary, home at the Crystal Palace. It moved to its present home in 1936. Three years later, IWM's remit was extended to include the Second World War. In 1953, it was extended again to include Korea and all future conflicts. IWM is now a family of five museums visited by more than 2 million people every year.

Hilary Roberts


This has got to be worth a visit very soon.

Tom is looking into whats on and we are planning a trip by train. Watch this space.