Battle at Ashford

Date Published 
Sat 11 May 2019

Nine FCC members went along to the Battle with Ashford, as well as Canterbury and Dover Gateway Clubs.  The Accessor, was Chris Palmer,  a very well known National and International Judge, from Uxbridge, who works on the Fine Art Board for Associate and Fellowship Distinctions for the APS. Both a very experienced photographer and judge, who gave, the full room, a great evening accessing the  images from other local clubs, his commentary was articulate and constructive. He said the evening should be a celebration of good photography and it was.

As far as results are concerned, at half time, we were on a high and in joint first place. He gave a lot of 16's and a few 14's but two of ours were held back to the end, Simon's 'Septet' which he gave 18 and my 'Dancers' which he left right until the end, and said this was the PDI image he would remember from the evening and scored it '21' which of course had to be rounded down! Its an image you love or hate and he loved it.

Second half not so good and our Print entry was not strong enough to compete with Gateway and Ashford.  There were some very strong images on the easel and we didn't achieve a 20 and at the end were in 3rd place.  

But it was an enjoyable evening, a feast of great images and a memorable judging with a roomful of enthusiastic photographers.

Scores below in PDF

Chris Palmer website  I like his Philosophy !


Having attended the Battle at Ashford last night between Gateway, Canterbury, Ashford & Folkestone , and viewing some absolutely cracking PDI’s and Prints which were critiqued and scored by an excellent judge, I now realise that when we take a picture it really needs to be viewed and appreciated by other people and judged in a competition. Well done Ashford for coming first and to Folkestone for coming 3rd.