The Battle of Battles

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Tue 27 Mar 2018

A fun evening, segregation, noisy girls and poor addition. 

I think we all knew that the ‘Girls’ were ahead but I needed to check my addition, which I have now completed.  A combination, of Sue, only scoring the Girls, Ian losing his way on the score sheet, and me awarding a 20 to the wrong team, the numbers last night were incorrect, but the ‘Win‘ was correct.  Only the points difference was much smaller than announced, here are the checked, rechecked and verified scores:

              PDI                         PRINTS                  TOTAL

GENTS   260                            256                         516

LADIES   267                            265                         532

Well done to the Ladies on coming out ahead this time, there may be a time in the future when we might have a rematch, but this time only 16 points in it!

I have scored the images and the entries show in the Results Gallery, here on the website, with just a couple of images missing, as they were chosen, outside the system.

Thank you to the Selection teams, Sue and Marie Laure for the Girls and Ian and Pete for the Boys, and Michael and Arthur for preparing the competition for Projection.  To Richard and Peter for smooth projection and thanks to Bea and Nick for displaying the Prints.

Our thanks must also go to Jack Taylor, for the admirable job he made when critiquing and scoring the Battle.

These images sat outside the system when being selected, so don't show on the results gallery.

Flanders Field scored 19 and Let me Rest Awhile scored 16


Well done ladies.....I thought my maths had gone a little haywire! (Psst you have left me out of the scores Melanie...just saying..more than one way to win LOL!)

Submitted by tom-lloyd on Tue 27 Mar 2018 10:25am

Couldn't mark it as it was outside the Upload system, sorry Tom, can't reopen and add as the comp is now scored. Just saying!


Submitted by tom-lloyd on Tue 27 Mar 2018 11:39am

I thought the use of the yellow sticky tape to smear our prints was a bit underhand.

Submitted by eric-young on Tue 27 Mar 2018 10:35am


Submitted by john-gough on Tue 27 Mar 2018 10:51am

A great evening,  a nice light hearted event, a quite exception of defeat by us men, as opposed to the rowdy noise of the other side of the room, say no more.  Perhaps we could make a end of year event A great judge learnt a lot

Glad the score was adjusted, I couldn't work out where the points disappeared!

So, adding Tom's mark to the overall score, due to the admittance that Melanie 'missed it out', means that the gents have now won??  Seriously though, a great evening and a good victory for ........???  Perhaps the men should have coughed more when Jack was making his scores!

Submitted by ian-stone on Wed 28 Mar 2018 9:48am


Submitted by tom-lloyd on Wed 28 Mar 2018 9:58am

Great evening, well organised - Thanks too to the one in the winning side who provided the squeakers!!!

A fun night, YES INDEED, demonstrating the warmth and fellowship of the membership. ...Perhaps like the Boat Race it could be an annual end of season event, ...15 Male v 15 Female, ...using only images from the season and likewise with prints. 

My special thanks go out to our ladies, it was they who made the fun. ......Next time I will bring my old football rattle rattle !

Photography is a hobby whereby physical strength plays but a minor role. ....Thus the girls have equal chance in competition.    Can we please play Rugby against eachother next year !!!!!

Submitted by alan-meek on Fri 30 Mar 2018 8:43am

Ohhh yes please, But suspect that wily bunch of Females would find a way of beating us at that, I have played mixed rugby before and it was an education to a very young very green behind the ears 15 year old in london, I was mentally scarred by what happened in the changing room after thast game #Shudders#

Submitted by tim-sharp on Fri 30 Mar 2018 12:31pm

Missed the evening as I was on grandma duties.Love the idea of an annual girls versus boys event :-) An evening of fun, warmth and fellowship as Alan put it, sounds perfect :-)

Sorry I missed the evening (prior commitment) but sounds as though you all had fun - great.  I'd vote for it to be an annual event.

a very Special Social FCC Evening with lots of smiles, so relaxed, because I felt us Girls were going to win, boom  boom.

Looking forwards to next time, a good idea, thank you.