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Thu 9 Feb 2017

I am sure many of you will be aware of this web site for Dungeness, If not you may wish to read the page in regard to photography and filming.




Could you please clarify the above.

Accepting that you should always take care in any area of natural scientific importance BNP Paribas Real Eastate were unable to confirm that the rules regarding notification and payment referred to on the website you link to actually applied to amateur photographers i.e. club members NOT undertaking 'Professional Photography at Dungeness'.

You can check out the Dungerness Estate rules for Professional Filming and Photographers here:


Simon read the FAQs 

Submitted by tom-lloyd on Thu 9 Feb 2017 11:08am

The FAQs appear on the Booking Website..

Submitted by tom-lloyd on Thu 9 Feb 2017 11:11am


All I can tell you is that BNP Paribas were slightly surprised that the rules -in particular Rules 1 and 2 (3 and 4 are just common sense) you linked to applied to amateur photographers.  If this is NOT the case the headline on the booking website needs to be changed; it says:



That was only part of the reason I put the link on the website. It was just a reminder for Dungeness as a whole. The photography section is part of the whole. In a discussion some short time ago with one of the wardens I asked how did they define "professional/commercial" photographers, he replied " Any one using a flash or tripod" pretty sweeping statement really. If people read the conditions and requirements properly they would see the section about happy snappers and amateurs. I did not imply or suggest that hobbyist photgraphers were required to pay the fee. I wonder how much money has been made by "amateur"  snappers by selling on-line etc?

I have watched first hand groups of "photographers" removing altering some of the derelict boats,causing them to disintegrate much sooner than they might have otherwise.  

If you visit Dungeness or any where else for that matter play by the rules, you may also be challenged by the "Management"

Submitted by tom-lloyd on Thu 9 Feb 2017 2:57pm


My last post on this matter but let's speak on Monday as this is getting terribly confused re a simple clarification about Rules 1 and 2 in your original link. Many thanks.


One last post which might help: I have just had a call from BNP Paribas Real Estate office in Bristol telling me about permission to film on a National grid site up in Newcastle! They were totally confused when I said my enquiry, this morning, was about Dungeness. Don't think the rules people have got it together!

Well that's not surprising! Unfortuneatly I will not be at Monday evening bash.......I am puppy sitting (Doh!)

I don't think there is an issue really as long as all are aware of the potential to confirm they are not there as a pro or commercially. It has been that way for a long time and I have only been "challenged" on one occasion, I think that was due to two coachloads of art students being there without permissions or payment by their college.

As I say though it was really intended to be a general post re Dungeness.

Submitted by tom-lloyd on Thu 9 Feb 2017 5:23pm

Interesting.... the main issue here is about protecting the natural habitat, not whether you need permission as the dictat seems to be aimed at 'commercial filming and photography'. Unless you are going to sell the images, there is no worry. Anyway, rules are meant to be broken! From: Wildcamper!

Submitted by ian-stone on Thu 9 Feb 2017 7:14pm

That's about it Ian....

Submitted by tom-lloyd on Thu 9 Feb 2017 7:39pm