The East Kent Trophy

Date Published 
Wed 6 Apr 2016

Ten went, saw but didn't conquer!!! Just returned from Canterbury and total annihilation in the East Kent Trophy battle. Well not total but we did come in fifth out of five clubs but not many points in it really and only one judges' choice, another night a different winner.  The best part of the night was the cakes that Canterbury served, 20 out of 20 and the bottle of port I won in the raffle. Deal Camera Club are to host it in 2017, so start taking your winning shots now.

Here are the points:

                        Prints             PDI       Totals

Folkestone      66                      68         134

Deal               66                      70         136

Canterbury      69                      69        138

Gateway          71                      69        140

Thanet             71                      67        138

See you all Monday for the judging of the Panel Competition.