End of Season News

Date Published 
Mon 24 Apr 2017

Just a few more weeks to the end of the season and here is some information  to keep you updated.

  • Proposals for AGM from members  needed by 30th April.
  • No meeting on Monday 1st May, Bank Holiday.
  • Train trip to IWM Thursday 4th May,  (email sent to those on list)
  • AGM Monday 8th May.
  • Awards Night 15th May Postponed
  • Start of New Season combining Awards Night Monday 11th September
  • Please keep an eye on the Programme on website for details of Summer events we are planning.



Shouldn't the selected entries for the Reg Walker Cup be from the 16/17 season and not as on the entry form 15/16 season?

Submitted by tom-lloyd on Mon 24 Apr 2017 2:23pm

Doooh reuse of last years form with eyes closed!!!!

Is it three or four entries allowed as form title copy says three but spaces on form allow four!

I think Melanie was indicating 4 Simon..

Submitted by tom-lloyd on Tue 25 Apr 2017 4:49pm

The winner and 2nd and 3rd of the 15/16 season would normally receive the reg walker cup and certificates at the awards night at the end of this season. With the award for 16/17 season being presented on the first night of next season does this mean the 1st 2nd and 3rd from last season will not be recognised ...... 

Submitted by pete-stone on Tue 25 Apr 2017 6:16pm

No your name is being engraved Pete, the R W is always judged during the summer so is always a year behind when presented as it usually takes place after the awards night.  This year is no different but you just have to wait a few extra weeks for the cup.

I was thinking of the 2nd 3rd HC and C as well Melanie :-) .......

Submitted by pete-stone on Wed 26 Apr 2017 12:13pm

All is as normal but with a few weeks difference before the awards night.  And the winners this year will be presented September 2018.

It is always such a rush to have the trophies engraved and all the certs printed it was thought that we could make a great event of the awards to start the new season.  We always get a bumper crowd on the first night and can make an occasion of it.