Great Zoom session last night 13/7 very informative - thanks to all who contributed

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Tue 14 Jul 2020

It seems the last one disappeared, I didn't do it.  They will have to be an full enquiry, report out in a few years, or alternatvely put in a drawer!  Sorry it has gone and with it the comments, I will keep a better eye on it.


An RPS event you might be interested in watching via Zoom, only £2 for non members. Saturday 18th 4 pm

Jane Lazenby: Working with Textures

Ah very glad to welcome it back but the enquiry will take months and we'll all have to watch via a live YouTube feed. Save your time BUT how did you get the letter 'A' above to come out in yellow! Gremlins?

Thanks for RPS tip but if I go to the RPS YouTube channel I can watch these lectures - a little late - for free!

Nick if you read this I have a video for you!

Hi Simon,
What video would that be. I do not have any way of contacting you except here.

If a member has a Gallery on this site, go to GALLERY, go to the person you wish to contact, click their name and it comes up with their details and you can send that person an email.

i think for this one you have to register to get the link, but there might be nice people out there who share!

Nick You sent a contribution to Bev for the Thank You gallery. I have a video about it but you can now watch on You Tube here is the link. Enjoy

Re Gallery contact yes I appreciate that but wanted to send Nick a video but have now given him a link

Thank you Simon. I have watched the video link with interest.