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Fri 23 Sep 2016


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Forgive me but……..I’m very sceptical about this claim. For example, the photograph ‘An Italian Beach' by Bernhard Lang has most probably been put through Photoshop! I quote directly from the photographers website:

“Photographer Bernhard Lang likes capturing landscapes from a higher point of view. He takes this notion to the extreme in Bird’s Eye View by shooting with iPhone6sPlus from a helicopter thousands of feet in the air and then editing with Adobe Photoshop Express.”

It seems to me that many of the photographs will have been put through an image conversion program to, at the very minimum, adjust levels and sharpen the image. The use of Photoshop should not be blamed (implied) for its’ role in the whole development of a digital file per se.  

I am, a Photoshop fan; some of you are Lighroom fans -it really doesn’t matter what image conversion program you use but it does matter that we continue to learn how to use these programs otherwise, I fear, we will be leaving the rest of the world behind.

Some of the world needs to be left behhind......

Submitted by tom-lloyd on Fri 23 Sep 2016 10:42am

I just looked at the images and enjoyed - in my cynical old age one can't trust anything said or any report written. Also, lets not forget that since the digital revolution every lmage (inc RAW) has been tampered with by the firmware before it leaves the camera. 

I agree Ashley, I don't trust any comments 100%, you are correct Simon, some have been obviously 'Shopped' to some degree. None the less some ineresting images.

Submitted by tom-lloyd on Fri 23 Sep 2016 2:55pm

They are a fine set of images, who cares if a bit of work has been done, If you had a stunning image, you would be stupid not to finish it off properly, or should I say lazy not to present it to it's best.

Submitted by andy-smith on Fri 23 Sep 2016 10:54pm

So you didn't need Photoshop to produce an image of a selfie with a comet 260000000 miles from earth? All you needed, apparently, was a bit of imagination and good perceptive skills and .... did I forget to mention...... one comet, one rocket and one Rosetta probe ....... let me have a look to see what I've got in my shed .... I might be able to knock up something. Hmm on the other hand Photoshop would be cheaper.

Submitted by eric-young on Sat 24 Sep 2016 12:10am

Ah! Eric hope you find Affinity in the garden shed just 40 quid required - no subscription needed!

Gentlemen, my real argument is not really about that old image editing chesnut about which algorithm you might/might not process but with the editorial inaccuracy of the website and that Photoshop is continually used as a punchbag for doing something slightly wrong.   As KT Allen says “I create stuff. Photoshop is not a crime”

The photographs are fantastic and if they were just adjusted in Lightroom and Affinity the headline is technically accurate but I think not! It’s my old career hangover when, as a copywriter, I would have never got away with such a statement.