An interview with Tom about the Light Festival

Date Published 
Tue 20 Feb 2018

 Melanie  “Tom as you know it’s the Cheriton Light Festival next weekend, I am interested in going to get some images, what lenses should I take”

Tom “The fastest lens you have got. A zoom will mean you can stand back from the action and wide angle will mean you can fill the frame.” 

Melanie “I will be considering the Triangle and working in manual mode but what’s a starting point for the settings for straight shots?”

Tom   “ISO as low as poss to maintain quality and remember you are measuring the light not the dark. If using a tripod you will be able to use a very low ISO but don’t cause an obstruction. Try and get the highlights right and let shadows take care of themselves.”

Melanie  “I am thinking of trying to get some movement in the shots, how should I go about that? What settings should I try to start with?”

Tom   “Low ISO, tripod, manual or aperture priority check your shutter speed is low enough to get the desired effect you have in mind.”

Melanie  “Should I take a tripod?” 
Tom  “Yes but remember not to trip people up with it. Remember your remote release too.”

Melanie  “Will I need any special filters?”
Tom  “ I would say no, but maybe an ND filter might prove useful.”

Melanie  “Do you know where it’s good to park?”
Tom   “Best to walk or get a bus, but you could park in the Golden Valley area and walk from there. Here is a link to the FB Page and the website for the Event it’s over the Saturday and Sunday evenings.”

Melanie  “If I get some good results I will post them in my Gallery will you give me some critique?“
Tom   “Yes of course but I can be brutal!”

Melanie   “If you see a really good example will you give me a prize?”
Tom   “There will be a monetary prize for what I consider is the best image to capture the essence of the Light Festival.”

Melanie “ I am going around 6.30 on Saturday, might I see you there?”

Tom  “Yes I do hope to be there, I will look out for you and other familiar faces from the Club” "Appy Snapping"

Some images from 2016


Brilliant!! Will try and be there - I do like the useful advice "Expose for the highlights and let the shadows take care of themselves"

Submitted by eric-young on Tue 20 Feb 2018 10:43am

Should any of you intending to be at the Festival of Light wish to have a little advice prior to the BIG SWITCH ON I will be at All Souls from around 1730 (5.30pm). There should still be a little light remaining in the sky.

Submitted by tom-lloyd on Tue 20 Feb 2018 7:23pm

Thanks Tom (and Mel for asking the right questions). I'm going to try to be up there although it's a busy weekend!

OK I made it.....Very very cold evening lots to see :-)