Judge's Favourites at POTY Monday 15th April

Date Published 
Tue 16 Apr 2019

Robin Harmsworth, KCPA Accredited Judge, did a great job scoring our last competition of the season our 'Photographer of the Year' The top places were awarded to:

3rd Place Andy Smith

2nd Place Fay Meek

1st Place Melanie Chalk

But the Judges's Favourite from each section weren't in all cases images from photographers that went on to win! Robins five favourites are showcased here.  At the AGM we will choose the themes for next year. Thanks to the 19 entrants who made five images to fit the themes, with  added humour in parts, it was an enjoyable evening.

Boarded Window Detail, Goussainville Deserted Village France by Ian Stone (Decay and Ruin)

After the Storm by John Gough (Reflections)

Mono Paperweights by Ashley Judd (Still Life)

White Sandstorm by Eve Wilson (Weather)

Blowing in the Wind By Fay Meek (Yellow)