Judging is Easy; Isn't it?

Date Published 
Wed 16 Nov 2016
Monday evening at Club proved to be  something quite different, informative, interesting, and socialable with a surprising outcome! We are very grateful to Peter Carroll who gave his time, freely to the club, to plan, organise and conduct this experimental event. He didn't stop there either, today, producing the PDF of the results and some notes which are shown below.  I hope, all those who attended benefitted, and it fulfilled the outcomes that we hoped for when planning it.  If we all look at our images, that we plan to enter, against those criteria we used on Monday, we may spot some evident ommissions before putting them before a judge!
Peter said,
"Good to work with you last night. I attach a pdf version of the completed scoresheet. I've added a few notes on the key elements of the scores. My biggest reflection is that there were 35/36 pretty tough judges in the room working in a disciplined and objective manner against a given set of criteria. The fact that only the Charlie Waite got to the bottom end of our scoring grid as 'commended' reinforces my reflection.
Perhaps seeing the judging process through this lens may help some of the FCC members accept what judges see/say about their images in a more receptive and reflective way. I believe that the notion of 'peer' review is a good path to follow and would be happy to provide an outline of what this may look/feel like if you wish.
Regards Peter