Living the Photo Artistic Life

Date Published 
Wed 15 Feb 2017

New online Magazine Living the Photo Artistic Life


Not for me thanks....

Submitted by tom-lloyd on Wed 15 Feb 2017 6:35pm

Not for me also. How long before the masses, google for an image, change it electronically, claim the glory and have the audacity to call it photography?

Good test to see who reads the news!!!! I know two who do!!   I love it, but all my creative images use my own photography, and I really enjoy using them in this way.  

Interesting to note that 3 out the 8 photos selected by the judge in the Flora and Fauna competition were indeed creative entries!

Submitted by eric-young on Wed 15 Feb 2017 8:34pm


You won’t be surprised to hear that this sort of thing first happened way back in 1989 when the American artist Richard Prince rephotographed, advertisement(s) for cigarettes showing a cowboy on a horse. Today these pictures hang in The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. You can read more about it here:
We may not like it but the artist was trying to make a point which, again, we may not agree with, but it’s important to allow artistic (and photographic) experimentation otherwise the world would become very dull as Laszlo Moholy Nagy - photographer and a famous Head of the Metal Workshop at the Bauhaus - wrote in 1940 ‘The enemy of photography is convention. The salvation of photography comes from experiment.'

Thanks Simon, appreciate your sharing of knowledge to this beginner. I do currently struggle with erosion of the photo by excessive use of Photoshop.