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Sun 8 Sep 2019

New Links for you to Download and read.

Topics covered PS shortcuts,  Blend Modes, Nat Geo and more.


Good morning

Following on from last night here are the You Tube channels worth visiting:
Photoshop Training Channel
Blue LightningTV
Tony & Chelsea Northrup
C. Delano Photography       for all things Photoshop Elements
Photoshop Tutorials            the silent instructor!
other things worth doing:          for the youtube downloader    for all exhibition news and          for pdf downloads covering Lightroom
It appears our system cannot host the Visual Dictionary so just give me your email at the next club meeting and i will get it sent to you via We Transfer.

I apologise for the layout of above but has gone weid on me when i enter it here!

and by the way who says photography is real:

Simon some consolation for you. At the precise moment you were suffering technical difficulties with your videos my wife was attending a meeting of the Barham Historical Society, or as she likes to put it, the Barham Hysterical Society. Half way through their video, their computer died. On closer inspection the computer was confirmed to be connected to the multiplug extension cable socket. Unfortunately, the plug end of the cable of multiplug extension socket was also confirmed to be connected to one of its own sockets. The average age of the Hysterical Society is not dissimilar to our own!

Submitted by eric-young on Tue 10 Sep 2019 7:18pm

On this note of potential interest for practical ideas is a channel called digital rev tv. They did a series on photography you can do at home including a episode on dropping things into water, and using model figures.