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Tue 1 Nov 2016

Let's see who's the first to see the News in its different position!

A great result from the Ross Cup for our Club, and congratulations to those whose images represented us, Andy, Pete, Kevin, and Marie Laure and Sue who both gained a 20. Marie Laure getting a comment and Sue a Merit Award. onwards and upwards!

Alex Hare proved to be an articulate and entertaining speaker, I liked the way that he used his images as a tool to teach and inspire us as photographers. I hope lots of you will take that inspiration away from the evening and to continue to find that originality he spoke of, discover new vistas and new ways of taking the old favourites and also seek out some new Kent Landscapes.


If anyone wants any help with sunrise landscapes, please let me know and we can organise a morning around tide or sunrise times, much nicer to go out in a small group than solo.

Submitted by andy-smith on Wed 2 Nov 2016 9:18pm

Great idea, I'm up for that!

Yes please Andy, I'd appreciate some guidance for landscape or seascape.

Submitted by sue-dixon on Wed 2 Nov 2016 10:14pm

Please count me in also. 

And me! Good idea

Yes please an incentive is often needed, and you are so good at reading the forecasts Andy.

If those who are interested would advise me of when then are usually free, we can then set it up, we would be looking at around 7am for a sunrise, or around 4pm for a sunset,  between us we should be able to set up sessions to fit everyone, but as Tom prefers afternoon sessions due to travel, if you want sunrises, you might have to put up with me, and also tide times are important to consider, the rule is usually one week good one week bad. Glad that people are wanting to try new things, it makes it easier for us to develop new things for you. 

Submitted by andy-smith on Thu 3 Nov 2016 6:56pm

Most mornings good for me, more than happy to put up with you!

I can do either end of the day - would like to try both!

Submitted by sue-dixon on Fri 4 Nov 2016 8:18am


Likewise, I can do most times 

Would love to be included. Thankyou Andy and Tom for setting up opportunities to try new things. Much appreciated.

I am available either end of the day and most days. 

As we have enought interest, we will organise and let you all know, we will keep group size small to make sure we can spend time with each person.

Submitted by andy-smith on Sat 5 Nov 2016 2:46pm

I'm also available at either end of the day and most days, thanks.

Well done to all on the Ross Cup wins and yes great place for News.

I am interested to both of possible.