The New Season 2021 -2022

Date Published 
Fri 10 Sep 2021

So a good start to our New Season at FCC, great to see so many of you and hope more of you will join us as we get back into the swing of things.  Subs are due for Sept to Dec payable, our Treasurer Paul asks for them by 15th September, via online banking.

The first competition is very imminent, PDI Open and Themed PDI  Watercolour, your interpretation by next Monday 13th at midnight.

The plan is, for those who are comfortable, for us to meet at the Sandgate Library starting on Monday 20th September.  But the meeting will be available via Zoom in the same way for those who are not ready to resume face to face contact yet. Free Parking is available in Castle Road Car Park just a short walk to the back entrance of the library, on the corner of  Lachlan Way and Castle Road.

Please see the Programme on the Website for all the details of what is happening, as  I have added new and brief details of some planned outings up to Christmas, starting this Sunday and for the free Mondays, that have been inserted in the programme. Please send us your suggestions for any outings that I can publish on the website.

There was lots of chatter after the Tim Flach presentation, I never thought it would cause such controversy !   I have read the article in the RPS journal about Tim, he has spent years photography animals all around the world, and has a great awareness of conservation issues and in some cases is recording animals and birds on the edge of extinction.  I truly believe he has the best interests of the subjects at the forefront of his mind. He works with a ornithological expert who acts as producer and handler and was there to ensure the birds were relaxed and comfortable during shoots.

They are many controversial aspects to the way animals are kept in captivity, I personally hate Zoos and wildlife parks, to the way they are used in photographic workshops, flying displays, maybe leading to over feeding or anxiety to the creatures.  We must all be aware of this whenever and where ever we take our photographs.  I have long admired the work of Tim who I saw speaking live in Birmingham a few years back.  Here is his website I think the images he captures are in my opinion amazing but perhaps should not be classed as 'Wildlife'  Thank you Bryan for your follow up Bulletin.

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See you Monday for all we need to know on Composition.