Old Slides

Date Published 
Thu 26 Mar 2020

Hope everyone is ok and enjoying Self Isolation?  There will be some of you that may still be working, so keep safe. Michael has had is foot operated on to remove a needle that was embedded in the sole. So he is on the road to recovery and I will be able to stop my nursing duties! Life is busy in Chalk Isolation.  I persuaded Michael that he could sit and clean these old slides that we had acquired from an old member of Folkestone Camera Club, they are in a bit of a state but there are some gems amongst them. But some cannot be salvaged.  We have had them for some time and Tom Lloyd did scan a number, which are shown here.  If anyone has time on their hands and would like to work on processing a few, working on dust spots etc do let me know.  It is thought that we could possibly try printing them and offering them for sale.  Many are historical and will be of interest to many, we all love a bit of nostalgia!

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Wow, what a wonderful collection.  I took a box of them too - I must try and copy them.

Do you have any idea when they were taken?  I'm guessing the 1950s.  Slide no.6 (not the sixth picture here) - does anyone know what the arched structure under Shangri La was?  No.8, middle of the slide and running downhill to the left - anyone know what that was.  I think you can just make out part of it in slide no.15 too.  No.13, that's obviously the war memorial at the top of Remeberance Hill, so is that road, The Pound (Why was it called such?) running west along the Leas and you can just make out the above ground part of the Leas Cliff Hall, peeping above the back of that car on the far left.  And no.14 - look at the trees in the middle of the picture - Bouverie (now Middleberg) Square.  Thank Michael (and Melanie), hope you're soon fit.

Stay healthy everyone.


If you want me to have a go at reprocessing / touching up / removing dust spots etc. I'll have go. Send me a couple to begin with and I'll see if I can make them worse!!

Submitted by eric-young on Thu 26 Mar 2020 7:42pm

Will do Eric, it's mostly dust spots so think you will cope.  Will email the big files tomorrow.Thank you.