Remote Commentary and Judging of Mono Comp 5

Date Published 
Wed 18 Mar 2020

Link to Commentary and Judging of Mono Comp 5    You need to Download the EXE, which is safe, although it might tell you otherwise.

Our Judge Ray Bridges agreed to judge this competition remotely.  He chose to make this presentation, however having done so found it very time consuming so wouldn't want to repeat making the sequence with the voiceover.  This of course doesn't preclude us having remote judging undertaken in future.  But think it might be just scores and succinct written comments, we will have to discuss the value of that process as it might be the future in these dark times! But a big thank you for the time and effort and speed with which he completed this job.  The results are published, we will have to see if we can arrange something for the prints.  Lets just let things settle down with the ongong situation and potenial Lockdown, then we will consider our options.  Please keep talking via the website we will need contact, its a new experience at present but am sure will get very tiring in the weeks to come!


Well done Michael. I have also sent Mrs Chalk an interesting link i hope.

I spoke to the programme organiser of Bristol Camera Club this morning. They meet all year round but have stopped meetings. We talked about viewing the PDIs and at the same time making comments whilst recording the whole thing on QuickTime. Not difficult technically and much less time consuming than writing out comments.  Too late for us I know, but for future occasions worth remembering.

Submitted by john-gough on Wed 18 Mar 2020 12:37pm

Yes indeed, I am sure there are better and faster ways, but Ray offered to do it this way, and we accepted his offer, he learnt from it but won't be offering that service to others!

Just to say that Ray our judge held back 5 , 2 highly commended which we scored 19, and the other 3 we scored 20 . His first choice was Intent on the Kill by Ian Stone. 2nd choice was Architectural Curves by Melanie Chalk & 3rd choice was Weary Travellers by Marie Laure Stone.