Success for Kevin Harvey

Date Published 
Wed 22 Feb 2017

Kevin Harvey has had some great success in the UK Stereoscopic Society annual competition. A Commended in the Man Made objects section, Runner up in the Creative and Winner of the Photojournalism Panel section. Congratulations Kevin, do lets see them at the Club, perhaps the Member's Presentation evening. Were Skulls involved?


Well done Kevin :) 

Congratulations Kevin!

Submitted by eric-young on Wed 22 Feb 2017 7:09pm

Well Well Done Done Kevin Kevin...........if you squint it's in stereo.

Submitted by tom-lloyd on Wed 22 Feb 2017 7:34pm

Great news, Congratulations Kevin.

Well done Kevin!  Yes can we see them please?

Thank you for the nice comments. No skulls I'm afraid. A tall ship, some trees, a monument, a church door and a Victorian VR viewer. Erm, yes that's it!

congratulations, Kevin.

Congratulations Kevin, well done!

Hello Kevin,

Well done, and congratulations on what ever it is. Not too sure i understand what sterioscopic is and that other thing. i presume it is the three D thing you do at the club sometimes. It is always a novelty, and interesting to hear.

Try not to make a habit of it at the club. I want to win sometimes.

Well done mate.