Workshops with Ady Kerry

Date Published 
Mon 23 Oct 2017
28th December, starting at Winchelsea Beach, along to Camber Sands, both in East Sussex then Dungeness on the Kent coast. Digital photography.  (Just one space left)
29th December, Folkestone Warren to Samphire Hoe and back. Film photography only.  3 spaces available
30th December, Winchelsea, Camber & Dungeness - (1 space available)
They will all be 10.00 starts with a 16.30 finish. Tides around these timings are at best advantage, so dropping to low tide average around 15.00.  
Cost is £75.00.
Weather is an issue as we know. In the week run up to it I would formulate more of a weather plan as I have previously with workshops over the Christmas period, and keep you in touch with any issues. Not all bad weather is bad photographically, but obviously serious wind and rain has risks involved as does two feet of snow.
The exact format of the film workshop is still a work in progress, as folk may want to process their own images which would mean returning to my place potentially.  Probably garner opinion from those attending with what they want to do. I can only process B&W at home though, any colour rolls would have to be sent off for processing at your own cost.
The 28th and 30th are much more a standard workshop, but slow and thoughtful imagery with loads of hands on time for the three students.
The Folkestone walk is a bit of a trog, and is quite rough in places, but worth the effort.  Tides are the key here though and how rough the sea has been for the days in advance.

I have put the 29th as a film event to gauge any takers, but as it stands everyone who has expressed an interest are all looking the digital workshops. So that remains empty, but it is early doors I will keep the plan as it is for now and see what happens in the next week or so on the film front. If I get too many digital takers I will just add the 29th as a digital one instead. 

For more contact Ady directly.