Your Chance to see the Reg Walker results

Date Published 
Sat 10 Sep 2016

If you weren't able to be at the Welcome Evening you might like to see the results, Read on....

Click here to download the AVI and Here to see the  MP4.  I was able to watch the MP4 directly without downloading.  This Competition called the Reg Walker asks the members to choose their 3 favourite images from last season, they are collected together and judged externally.  This year we were lucky to have Charlotte Bellamy, a photographer living in Holland to view all the images and choose her winners. She said,"I really enjoyed judging them, so much variety"  Hope you enjoy this presentation, set to music and beautifully arranged by Arthur Bailey.

This was Charlie's comment of the Winning Image,

"It was a close call between my top 3, but this one just nudged to the top because technically it is a fantastic photograph. The black and white treatment in post processing is brilliant - so much contrast, blacks and whites and everything in between. I love that there are details in the shadows, but at the same time the highlights have been well controlled. The balance of the individuals on the station adds great interest. All horizontals and verticals are aligned and depth of field is great so everything is sharp. A great image should make you want to keep looking at it and exploring it -I could sit looking at this for hours and find new details that add to the image. A really well seen and taken image - CONGRATULATIONS

I am already looking forward  to next seasons offerings.