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Just took three pictures and decided to create shapes out of each. Namely Circles /Squares/Rectangles and Diamond which ended up as a Triptych which I think works.

Image by Simon Newlyn


I like the idea Simon - but do you not think the backgrounds could be something other than the transparent background of the layer (I don't know what it is properly called), not necessarily another image but a complimentary subtle, low-key colour?  But I particularly like the right hand image.

Oh dear........that was the hard bit.

What great experimentation Simon, I like your style.  Do you think you are just at the start of this experimentation process though?  I have no idea how hard this is to do and your comment to Roger, makes me think its a difficult process.  However we are in Lockdown? still? Maybe? Staying Alert?  So there is time.  My favourite is the middle image and linking to Rogers idea, I'd love to see the background rectangles In Red.  Then try doing a tryptic with two other mono and red images, maybe instead of doing the different shapes, try doing different sized rectangles, now you know I'm a sucker for symmetry and thats why I'm suggesting it, you'll probably think I'm bonkers.  Maybe you could use the same image for all three and just put the rectangles in different places.  There are so many different connotations you could try.    If doing a tryptic I'd put larger rectangles in the middle and the same smaller sized ones in either side picture.  I think you are already trying to use shapes that mirror shapes within your images and thats the path I'd choose, but I think you have to be more brave with what parts of the image you are showing and where.  Maybe make your shapes smaller to make us have to look harder to see the image.  For me what you are doing is along the lines of multiple image composition and intentional movement of the camera, I think its a fabulous idea, because you are going to get something different every time and its totally unique - just like you!!  I want to see more, can't wait.

OK thanks for your comments. A lot to take in so i will digest and adopt/adapt while 'staying alert' - can you see a virus?

Never mind one comment about the background.

Try this: Open a blank document in Photoshop with a transparent background. OK you can save it as a png or psd file but try saving it as a jpg? Hence the problem i had to workaround so the background is a lot of hard work! Also i created this background to help ( I hope ) mirror the concept of the images ie: are the subjects becoming trasparent or recovering from being transparent?

Impressive stuff Simon - just one question springs to mind, could someone argue about the background and ownership?

Don't change things necessarily Simon, we can't always imagine what others are trying to achieve.  The images are challenging and different and to add a solid background might return them to conventual images which is not what you set out to achieve.  I might suggest fragmenting Ayla more on her face?

To Answer: Ashley interesting point BUT i had to make an image of the transparent background so it is not just the backgroud copied. Also any image you make or add an adjustment layer to, in Photoshop, would include the transparent chequed patten that 'disappears' when that's either one hell of a lot of images, around the world, with doggy ownership i think.

Melanie: Yes you are right about Aylas face. On my original version - i'm a bit of a geek this is version 11 - there was a diagonal going through her left cheek and into her eye. I didn't like it at the time and took the whole thing out by replacing her face but i should have kept part of the diagonal.

OK, you know I'm not an expert at PS, you are so I understand when you say there are difficulties.  I am sure there will be much more to come from this project.  Look forward to seeing more.

Ha! Ashley I meant dodgy!