Folkestone Used to Rock

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Wed 17 May 2017

Folkestone Used to Rock A book containing people's memories of Folkestone in its 'Heyday"

I am often approached for help by organisations in our town, and where possible, I respond positively and try to get the Club involved in suitable Community Projects, especially those that have a slant towards photography. 

One such was an Art Project in 2016, when, in conjunction with an Art Film, people were interviewed, often over a pint, in the Harbour pub, the True Briton, about their memories of Folkestone, in what was considered by many to be its Heyday!  These oral histories were all written down, and I suggested that I could make these into a book, using some old photographs  as well as including some up to date images from one or two members who showed an interest in the project. After many hours of work on the layout  on Blurb, and with much trepidation I pressed the publish button and ordered a quantity of books. We had obtained some generous funding from Councillor Jan Holben but the rest had to be individually financed so are hoping  we sell all the copies! After only one week they arrived from America, more fear as we opened the parcel, but no worries, very impressed with the quality and look of the product. My thanks to Mary and Andy for their interest and involvement and of course their images, Kevin Harvey also allowed me the use of one of his photographs. 

So to all the Flower Children, Mods or Rockers who remember the 50's 60's and 70's when Folkestone rocked, although it is starting to rock again, in a regenerated way, you might be interested in purchasing a copy at £7!

Melanie FCC and Nicholette Goff Artist

And another project seeing fruition next week.

Normal Festival of the Brain

Several members of the Club were involved in providing images last year for this local Festival and we were asked again, by Peter Carroll, to have involvement in the  2017 event. 

We invited our members to enter images for selection using the following brief, "Images capturing places and spaces that free your mind, and they could be Urban or Natural landscapes" 

Cheryl Pierce, Quarterhouse Director and Dianne Dever, Folkestone Fringe selected the images from those entered, and these have been produced on canvases and will be displayed in the Quarterhouse during the Festival.

The following photographers are featured Monica Stringer, Mary Gerard, Sue Dixon, Carole Harvey, Sue Chapman, Johanne O'Reiley, John Gomm, Andy Smith, Tom Lloyd and Melanie Chalk.

 Here is the link to the website

One thing to recognise is, that its good to get involved in these projects, you never know where they might lead......

And always a good PR exercise for the Club!


Hi Melanie

Just a couple of questions.

Could I order 2 of the Folkestone Rocks books from you please?

Also, do we need to pay the club for our images being put onto canvas for the festival? If yes how much?

Lastly, is anyone arranging to meet at the opening gathering of the festival?

Cheers, Julie

Personal email sent Julie.

I am really so pleased with the book - well done Melanie!  I liked the exhibition very much and was pleased to be able to contribute last year.  So here is an unexpected spin off in the shape of a  well-designed book of quotes and photos from it.  A more permanent little gem of a record of Folkestone life (particularly in the harbour and Tontine St. area) as it was before phones and tv.  - It will bring back memories! - and just be fascinating to the "young" ones.  My copy has already been hi-jacked... 

Thankyou and well done Melanie, the book is great, and a nice tribute to the time.

Submitted by andy-smith on Fri 26 May 2017 3:17pm