There must be a setting to release this link for members' access somehow, by whoever set up this account - at the moment (Tue 13th 1300), it don't go!

Strange, it goes for me, I always test them before I release.  Anyone else can't open it?  Mary you are a flickr expert and if you can't maybe I have done it wrong!

Do you have to log in?

Simon have you got a Flickr account ? If not you need to create one and then Melanie will invite you to the group.

Having the same issue I'm afraid. Created a Flickr account but the link just goes to a page that says I don't have permission to view this group.

Ok Richard, if you let me have your Flickr account name I will send you an invite and if you click on accept that should do the trick. It seems to have worked for Julian I think!

Submitted by eric-young on Tue 13 Mar 2018 11:00pm

Maybe I need an invitation then ... I just clicked on the link in the FCC site.  I’ll have a look on my Flickr messages... I’m quite mystified as to why Flickr sent me a message to the effect that my photo is being used as the header one on that group ..’cos I certainly didn’t add it!

Hi Mary, have just sent you an invitation to join the group - Just click accept and you should be up and running!

Submitted by eric-young on Wed 14 Mar 2018 8:07am

Hi Eric, I think I require an invite too......thomas.lloyd4


Submitted by tom-lloyd on Wed 14 Mar 2018 8:30am

Thomas.lloyd4 doesn't show up as a screen name on Flickr, Tom Lloyd does already appear to be a member of the FCC group.

Submitted by eric-young on Wed 14 Mar 2018 8:46am

I used your image, as the header Mary, from a previous post on the site.  It just fitted the space beautifully.  Hope you don’t mind.?

Oh I seeee... so this is the old  existing Flickr page that Jan MacKay used to run?  I did put some things on there..  No of course I don't mind but was a bit  bothered if you found a way to use stuff that wasn't already uploaded to the group by the owner.  It was a message from Flickr that told me to go to the group and then I was not authorised...  Thanks Eric!  

I am out for the rest of the day away from my computer. Will try and deal with requests when I return home tonight.

Submitted by eric-young on Wed 14 Mar 2018 8:48am

You can tick the option to protect your images and for them not to be able to be downloaded by anyone other than yourself, this makes them safe from being stolen apart from having a poor quality screen print taken.

Submitted by andy-smith on Wed 14 Mar 2018 2:45pm