Happy Snowdrop

Date Published 
Sun 21 Feb 2016

So we now have a News Page and here the first report  We had a little fun photography challenge to post a snowdrop image in your gallery by 14th February. Not many took up the challenge but my favourite and the winner of five pounds is Happy Snowdrop by Sue Dixon.  Well done Sue and, sorry but, a necessary part of winning is to choose the next challenge and to choose your favourite after the closing date of the 20th March.  Hopefully Sue will have made a decision by Monday and the subject will be announced, look forward to seeing your images in your Gallery.  If you are yet to start a gallery this is a great first step and you never know you might win the next fiver!


Well done Sue!

You might have had a chance Sue Cowell, if those pesky squirrels or annoying rabbits had not eaten all your bulbs!

My favourite too!

Well done Sue all the ones I have seen have been bedragled.

Submitted by john-gomm on Sun 21 Feb 2016 7:27pm