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Thu 9 Apr 2020

Just as a little diversion, I thought you might like to know about the THANK YOU Gallery I set up on Friday, in support of all our amazing critical care staff, essential workers and of course our fabulous NHS.

 The idea was to give the creative community an opportunity to publicly show its support and appreciation of everything our heroes are doing for us in extremely difficult and dangerous circumstances. So I made up a collection of frames using leftover moulding each of which now needs a piece of work. If you would like to join in, it would be lovely to receive photographs, cartoons, paintings, drawings, sketches, anything creative from our local photographers artists. It will be laminated to protect it from its out-door setting, framed and added to the "gallery” (my garden fence).

 If you or any member of the Folkestone Camera Club would like to be involved and create a piece of work, so it doesn’t become an all-consuming job I’ve kept the frames small, 130mm x 60mm (luggage label size), the work can be landscape or portrait.

 I really hope you’ll join in, I would love to fill the length of the fence with all of your work. Please post your piece to:

Bev Saunders

3 Castle Avenue


CT21 5HD

 Or you can send me a PDF to size, or a JPEG

 As the collection of work grows, photographs will be regularly taken and posted on social media. Please like and share them and it would be great if you would share the pr


Can anyone please tell me if we have Bev Saunders e.mail or way of sending a picture to her for her gallery. I can not send a print and have to send a dpi jpeg attachment probably to an e.mail as i do not have a printer. Can you also tell me what size to size my dpi for the frame size she has given being 130mm x 60mm. Thank you.



Here we go. You can email Bev on:

She is producing all the images label size so 709 x 1535 pixels  @ dpi 300 will do. Hope that helps and stay safe.

Many thanks Simon.


Nick I wanted to send you a special link about this but I can't find your email and Mrs Chalk has removed the chat page for some reason as there is no need for me to issue a Bulletin to all members. Please send you email to me at simon.projects@gmail   Many thanks.