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Fri 11 Mar 2016

Two items of interest:

This event is organised and run by Glyn Bareham


     9th year !

     SUNDAY 29TH MAY 2016 9 AM start

      Hi All,

    Please note this years event details 

    You can either book on line beforehand to save a little, or on the gate on the day, Seniors save more by paying at the gate, (no extra cost for anyone attending the workshop, only admission).

    If you don't know Brands, as you go through the main gate keep going straight ahead past the back of the grandstands & a row of shops when you get to the end you will see a building (the Kentagon) in front of you, we will be meeting in front of this at 9am, most years we have a fair number of people turn up so you should have no trouble seeing us all with photography bags etc. no need to let me know your coming, just turn up ! I would suggest buying a program so you have a map of the circuit & you will be able to identify your images later !


    In the event of any hold ups etc. my mobile on the day will be 07913 733392. (IF I can hear it !)  If arriving late, I usually start one group off on the infield at Druids (Hairpin Bend) Walk down the hill, (Paddock bend),& half way up the other side Then turn right over the footbridge onto the in-field & up to the the inside of Druids Bend. later on we venture out onto the Grand-Prix loop (faster but less catch-fencing)


    I look forward to seeing you on the day, do come up & make yourself known.  Check out the web-site below.


    Some of the things we hope to cover on the day



    Shooting through wire fencing without it showing 

    Where to be for certain types of image 

    How to anticipate what's likely to happen next

    What time of the day is best for certain bends (Angle of light etc.)


  • An exhibition in St Leonards Sussex


Look forward to it.

I would like to Propose on behalf of Monica and myself, if allowed, to return to original marking, no Leagues.


The Committee have discussed the present scoring system and have two proposals to put to the AGM but it does not include one to do away with the league and division system. It was voted in at the last AGM by a majority and we worked hard to create a system to instigate this request.  If you or Monica would like to send in a formal proposal, requesting we revert to the old method, with either of you seconding the other, please send to our Secretary  It will be added to the list of proposals and discussed at the AGM.

Every member can send in their own personal proposal but it must be formalised