Ross Cup Results

Date Published 
Sat 10 Nov 2018

Ian, Simon, Nick and Michael represented the Club at Ditton for the showing of the images and to hear the results of the Ross Cup.  Thirty Six Clubs competed and Folkestone were awarded 140 points which found us in 7th place alongside two other Clubs.  Congratulations to Simon who received 20 points and a Merit Award for Pipe Major.  Well done Folkestone on a good result and thanks to those photographers who represented us and our Selection Committee for their choices.


Congratulations Simon, very well deserved for this fabulous print.

Well done everybody. 

Well done Simon. Fabulous result!

Thank you but its the team as a whole that wins for the club which was only 5 points off the top score. Well done to everyone.

You're right Simon; great overall score. We should show the selected entries on a Monday when time permits

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