What a great Club we are!

Date Published 
Wed 14 Nov 2018

I know not all of you are on Facebook so thought I would share this here too.  More so as we are going through a slightly difficult time with the Club, the drop in numbers and disatisfaction with aspects of the Programme and Competitions, it is therefore cheering when we get some compliments from our visiting speakers, endorsing the fact that we are quite a good club after all!

I thanked Paul for the great evening he gave on Monday and received this back,

"Thank you for a wonderful evening and a lovely letter of thanks.
I had such a good time with you and shall look forward to returning in the future
Thank you for your faith in me "
Best wishes

This was followed this morning by this post from Alex Hare,

‘Hello, thank you for having me to your club to judge your Architecture photography, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing your work and hope my feedback was useful. Paul Sanders interviewed me yesterday for his Togcast about my forthcoming photographing Kent book and we both agreed what an enjoyable club you were to visit!  I look forward to visiting your club again soon!’

This is a screenshot from Alex's FB, the Podcast isn't there yet but this might be something you might like to follow with other interesting articles to read.

Both photographer's website are worth looking at and they both do workshops.  If you need ideas for your Christmas list, if you have such a thing, its always good to support those photographers who you have already met.

Their websites       Alex Hare      Paul Sanders



`I enjoyed reading the comments of recent visiting speakers.  However, I was a little surprised at the remarks about 'how the Club was experiencing difficulities through adverse comments about the programme etc'  I have only just recently joined the Club  and compared to the two others in Berkshire and Hampshire, of which I had membership I find Folkestone a very welcome change.  I have found the members friendly and forthcoming, the programme varied and entertaining and the 'theory and practice sessions' where members can learn from the experience of 'experts' are exactly the reasons I have joined camera clubs in the past, and now!  I wish to improve my skills and have found the sessions I have attended so far are helping towards doing exactly that.  I am looking forward to an interesting and entertaining future with the Club. Well done!

As a new member and having never been a member of a camera club in the past, I would like to say that so far I have found the experience with FCC a very rewarding and stimulating one.  I would echo the comments by Richard above who obviously has more experience than myself.  Well done indeed!

Thanks Richard and Vince on your helpful comments as newcomers, good that you are enjoying your time at the Club.

I think it's a great club with nice people that don't mind sharing there knowledge and expertise.

The guest speakers have been brilliant too.

I've learnt a lot since I joined the club and it makes a nice evening out so keep up the good work.