The light at the end of the world

Creative/Experimental Round 2
Creative/Experimental Division Division B


This photograph has symbloysm in tryptich form.

The light is at the end of the world being on Dungeness Point the remotest part of the 7th Continent.

The lighthouse is the only man-made light in the picture with all others having been removed.  Being an automatic light there is no need for humans.

The silhouette of Dungeness Nuclear Power station juxtaposed against the fiery red sky suggesting a post apocalyptic world full of radiation and mortal harm.

Or is it all just arty-farty claptrap ? :)

No, I love your description! I think everyone should post a photo and then add a paragraph explaining the deeper meaning that underpins the understanding of their photographic masterpiece!!

Submitted by eric-young on Wed 7 Mar 2018 10:17am