Somewhere Out There In The Vast Nothingness Of An Obsidian Sea



Well what can I say: Bold: Dramatic: A Big Risk for a club competition entry especially as you might be playing on words ie. Obsidian Sea - a Bulgarian heavy metal rock band and/also a type of rock formation - so leaving a judge confused but Hey you took a risk and it worked. More please. Many congratulations.

Well done Avril, great confidence to present an image that is so different to the norm!  I think Ray was quite right in his observation to view it from a distance.  It was very graphic from where I sat and I especially enjoy the white railings and steps. Congratulations on your 20

BUT remember some competitions only allow 35/36 letters - including spaces - for the length of your title!

Nice one Avril, Like it a lot :-)

Well Simon I never knew obsidian sea was a rock band but I looked them up and they are apparently a doom rock band!!  But the rocks in the image are Obsidian (cooled lava rock, so the rock is definitely relevant!!  Melanie - the railings on the steps and those steps are what drew me to this image and whatever the judge would say I was still going to love it as it has a lot of meaning for me..  Glad you like it Julie - I do realise its not everyone’s cup of tea, but that doesn’t matter.