The Warren at Dawn

PDI 1 Round 1
PDI 1 Division Division A


Love it :-)

Sounds as if there was some discussion and dissention at the judging - I missed it but have to say having looked at both these lovely shots I like the other one without rock on the left, but here the sea looks more realistic, which I prefer!  

I don't dispute the fact that the white rock is distracting and that the photo looks better without it, it's just that it seems  a bit of a shame that we feel the need to have to change what is naturally present because we know that the composition isn't perfect unless we do so and that the judge will probably comment upon it. Given these factors, I would probably have cloned it out myself! However, I do feel, sometimes, that it is a pity that we have to play that game!! The alternative is that we have to take a wheelbarrow down to the beach beforehand to remove all white objects before we take our shots of the "natural" environment!! By the way, I am not in any way criticising the judge and I don't think there was any dissention on the night Mary with his judging. Personally, I thought he was very good. 

Submitted by eric-young on Thu 14 Dec 2017 8:00pm

Oh of course I didn't mean there was dissention on the night, just that I have read these  comments since, - I remember that  D W does a good job when he comes.  I am a bit of a cloner/cropper too, with my judge-trained eye!

For me, I dont take out items that are there unless I have cut them in half as an image for me is the view I saw, but I do respect that in a competition, convention would say to take it out and so I would not complain about the comment, especially from a judge who knows what he is talking about, I almost always leave things that are there because for me that is the image, and I am not bothered about a deduction, as for me, taking part is the important thing not a number.

Submitted by andy-smith on Thu 14 Dec 2017 8:33pm

Went on a workshop with 2 other photographers and I asked them both if they belonged to a Camera Club, both said they had attended their local one but were no longer members.  One joined Maidstone and sat through evening after evening of watching images being pulled apart, and learning little from this unpleasant process. The other tried Eastbourne not finding it a good experience and now just goes out and about with a group of like minded people just for fun. But many people still like a number at the end of an evening, and are then happy, but only if their image can avoid be aniliated along the way!