An Autumn Vignette


Melanie you always put things togehter so well, but I can't help wondering if a different coloured background would have lifted this amazing composition.  I was thinking Yellow, but then I was thinking sacking might lift the leaf colours and the white linen, who knows maybe you tried that and it needed green!!

I definely favour the bright white, and work at achieving it in camera sometimes over exposing.  When they come out grey or cream they are binned. I do try backgrounds sometimes, but coloured ones are sometimes not subtle enough for me, and fight with the subjects.  I could try a light texture to reduce the starkness but at present I am into the high key look. But thanks for the suggestion.  I am creating lots of these vignettes of natural things I pick up on my daily walks.  It forms a part of an Art Course I am doing.  I walk with my eyes on the ground a lot of the time searching for rusty screws, washers and bottle tops.  'Nowt so queer as folk' !!!

Super stuff loved hearing about your project and in this wintery weather, there is maybe nothing better than keeping your head down.  I look forward to seeing more of your foraging in future competitions.