Entering Prints

Print League Divisions

We can only finalise the Print League Divisions when we know exactly who is entering and we publish these as soon as we can - probably AFTER the first hand in.

Those who came top of their Division last season will normally be promoted, those who came bottom will normally be demoted although there is some adjustment to keep the numbers even. New members/entrants should discuss which Division they would like to compete in with the Competition Secretary. 

Printing & Mounting Your Prints

Most members make their own prints using a variety of colour printers and papers but trade processed prints are also welcome. Printing is too large a subject to cover here, but if you’re not sure, ask other club members for advice.

Prints have to be mounted onto mounting board which must be 50cm x 40cm or 16 x 20cm  in order to conform to County standard sizing. The picture itself can be any size within this mount. Mounting can vary from sticking your print directly onto the mounting card, to professional window mounting, using appropriate cutting equipment. Window mounts can be bought from framing shops you can also get standard apertures from art shops or web suppliers such as Cotswold Mounts.

Entering the competition

On becoming a member you are automatically a 'Competition' number which can be found on your 'My Account' page when you are logged in to the website. Next to your 'Competition' number you will also find your league allocation e.g. Competition Number: ??? - Print: Colour League ? - Mono League ? - PDI: PDI League ?

If your Print League allocation is 'none' then please email the print secretary, competitions@folkestonecameraclub.co.uk and indicate your intention to enter  that competition so he can update your information on your account.

Fill out online details and uploads

You MUST submit your titles and a digital PDI version (Entering Comps page for guidance on preparing a PDI image correctly) of your print online by the due date, usually before you hand-in the Prints.

To do so simply click on the 'enter print' button in your orange members' menu bar. Click on the competition you want to enter. Click on the upload title/edit button for either Colour or Mono. Click 'choose file', browse your computer, select and upload your image.

Fill in the title of your image in the 'PDI image title' field. Do not add your name to the title of your image or any full stops, underscores or file extensions like .jpg for example - just type in the title of the image only.

 If you hand in Prints but have not uploaded the Titles or Images by the Closing Date your entry will not be accepted. 

Submitting Your Prints

A judge will assume that the label orientation indicates which way up the image should be viewed. Then bring your Print along to the appropriate hand-in evening.