Practical LIGHT 4/Depth of Field

Sat 8 Dec 2018 10:00am

Not an easy subject in a single session as the light changes 365/24/7, however we will see what the day gives us. Sunday appears to be the most promising day weather forcast wise.

Venue:- Rye, the town offers lots of photo opportunities in a campact area and ample cafe's etc to get into should the rain become a problem. The sun is meant to shine at times on Sunday therefore we should get shadows, reflections etc and be able to practice Depth of Field.

A tripod could be of use to you for this exercise. 

Cattle Market Car Park
Rope Walk
E Sussex


Anyone want a lift let me know, I can take 3 people


Submitted by tim-sharp on Fri 7 Dec 2018 11:41am

Hi Tim, would be most grateful.  Can you tell me time and place to meet for lift.  I live on Dixwell Road opposite Sandgate Road Surgery.  Many thanks, Vin

Would loved to have come but unfortunately busy this Sunday